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About our company...

Our company is Exclusive manufacturer of high quality alumina-silicate microspheres – ASM (cenospheres) or (Fly ash) – harvested in Kazakhstan and redefined in Europe.

We offers you the opportunity to purchase the aluminosilicate cenospheres (of light fraction of furnace dust collected at the open water). We would like to inform you that we can guarantee the correspondence of our products quality to the official standard.

Our products

The ASM is a lightweight, inert, hollow sphere made largely of silica and alumina and filled with air or inert gas, typically produced as a byproduct of coal combustion at thermal power plants. The use of the ASM enables to minimize the costs due to the economies of the loading and discharging operations holding, to reduce the load on foundation and to improve the process of production and construction.


Research protocol: (SIO2)-56,74%; (Al2O3)-35,7%; (Fe2O3)-2,23% ; (CaO)-1,33%; (MgO)-0,43%; (Na2O)-0,52%; (K2O)-0,58%; (TiO2)-1,23%; (P2O5)-0,63%; (MNO)-0,04%; (P2O5)-0,63%
Color: Light grey

KZ white

Research protocol: (SIO2)-58,4%; (Al2O3)-35,0%; (Fe2O3)-1,68% ; (CaO)-0,78%; (MgO)-0,34%; (Na2O)-0,45%; (K2O)-0,65%; (TiO2)-1,05%; (P2O5)-0,63%; (MNO)-0,31%; (P2O5)-0,63%
Color: Light grey

KZ Light

Research protocol: (SIO2)-56,03%; (Al2O3)-37,63%; (Fe2O3)-1,78% ; (CaO)-1,63%; (MgO)-0,27%; (Na2O)-0,51%; (K2O)-0,52%; (TiO2)-0,92%; (P2O5)-0,39%; (MNO)-0,04%; (P2O5)-0,39%
Color: Light grey

Alum super +

Research protocol: (SIO2)-56,59%; (Al2O3)-37,28%; (Fe2O3)-1,19% ; (CaO)-1,59%; (MgO)-0,24%; (Na2O)-0,45%; (K2O)-0,45%; (TiO2)-1,00%; (P2O5)-0,77%; (MNO)-0,04%; (P2O5)-0,77%
Color: White

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Only skilled professionals work at our office and they are ready to answer to any questions; we can provide the delivery of aluminosilicate cenospheres to any place in RF and CIS. Delivery Our employees are ready to deliver the aluminosilicate cenospheres safely to any place in RF and CIS. We collaborate with the leading logistics companies.


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